> 12.08.05 Harvey would like to introduce the newest member of his studio, Mr. Bryce Wymer. (applause....annnd, stop) Mr. Wymer hails from Miami Beach, Florida and brings with him an abundance of talent in the illustration and design fields. The Dallas studio just got a little smaller.

>7.25.05. Ross Pike is in the peace corps now. We wish him the best of luck in his endeavors and know that he'll be in good hands down in civil-warring Bolivia. Keep the peace, Rosscoe....keep the peace. We love you.

>6.19.05 . It's a hot one thie summer in Dallas, but we're keeping cool designing tasty little dillies for 311, Poison the Well, and our neighbor Jim. Seriously, this dude knows how to dance.

> 5.21.05 . HARVEY passed his Last will and Testament around the office today to divvey up goods. I'l be damned if he didn't do it on my lunch break. Something tells me he doesn't exactly "like" me sleeping over at the studio.

> 5.20.05 . We've been getting a lot of emails asking if we could update the news more frequently, so we'll listen to the public and do so.